Bi’s of Colour at Black Pride UK 2012.

This year’s event was held at the World-famous club, Ministry of Sound.  The co-founders of Bi’s Of Colour had a stall in the indoor space.  We were all surprised at the numbers of people who wanted us to come and do a presentation at their workplace; it was positive to hear so many say that they wanted to improve the way bisexuals were treated in their organisations.

Of course, with this being a Pride event, there were a few folks who had strange ideas about bisexuality.  We received comments such as “All bi women are basically submissive!” and “People who say they’re bi-curious are really gay."  We point those poor dears to the Bisexual Index who can put them straight, so to speak…

Overall we had a very good event, and enjoyed meeting new people who were keen to know more about bisexuality in general.  We both were glad to be at UK Black Pride, but since the weather was blisteringly hot, we were also glad to leave at six so we could have a relax and enjoy the rest of the day.

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