Mythbusters for Bi’s of Colour #3

Blacks are exotic, so I guess it’s natural you’d be bisexual. 

Also known as: Let’s get back to our roots. Naked!

Most likely to come from: White people of all sexual orientations.

There’s a common myth that people of colour (especially women) are exotic novelties.  We are often fetishized by white people.  This is also the case in white lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.  We are seen as sexual objects for the pleasure of white people only.  Bi’s of colour aren’t solely interested in sex.  There are celibate bisexuals of colour, and those who are part of the asexual spectrum.  Regardless of our sexual activity, it is up to us how we chose to explore it.  It is insulting to assume our orientation is connected to the colour of our skin.

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