UK Black Pride was amazing!

This year it was held on the same day as London LGBT pride.  Bi’s of Colour shared a stall with PACE, who were very generous.  Black Pride was held in Golden Square, in central London.  At first I thought the space was too small but in fact it was an intimate, wonderful location.  It was the first LGBT event I’ve been to in years when I didn’t experience a single bit of biphobia or racism.  Unfortunately, this is such a rarity on the LGBT scene. 

Bi’s of Colour were joined by many Queer and Trans people of colour, grass-roots activists, including a queer, trans boi band group!  It was a wonderful day, with great weather, brilliant music and a relaxed atmosphere.  Three cheers for UK Black Pride!

More pics of Black Pride can be seen on Jacqui’s site

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