BiCon 2014 was a great event. There were lots of bis of colour present, many of whom said that they enjoyed themselves and would come again.

In the Bis of Colour session, we heard feedback from what the members had been up to during the year. Asha had delivered a report during BiRecon, an academic bisexual event that preceded BiCon itself. Another member told of how she had set up Bifile I Norge ( Norway’s first ever Bisexual group! Yet another member told of how she had been interviewed by Empathize This! ( And would have her experience of being bi at Pride told in a cartoon strip.

The group also discussed the case of Orashia, a bisexual man who is threatened with deportation, as the judge didn’t believe he was bi. Bis of Colour fully support this case. Please sign the petition and donate if you can to his legal costs. (

Unfortunately, we also heard reports of racism within BiCon. Despite the progress being made at this event, it is always depressing to hear that white attendees behave in ways that are disrespectful and harmful towards bisexuals of colour. We all should be able to enjoy BiCon without fear. We hope that one day, this will truly be the case.

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