London LGBT Pride Part One: Nice bits

 I attended London Pride after the organisers issued a statement that the racist UKIP’s LGBT group had their invitation withdrawn.  I helped out on the London Bisexual stall for several hours, instead of marching this year.

A lovely thing happened when I was on the stall: a mother and her teenage daughter came to the stall.  The mother said, “There you go. All your bi stuff’s here.”  The daughter looked relieved.  It’s always nice when people find out about bisexual information for the first time, or in an unexpected place.  I told them about BiCon, and what a great time they could have there.  I hope the daughter makes the most of the SPECIAL OFFER that BiCon are doing this year: with extremely low prices for certain group who don’t usually attend (prices from £3-£15)

However, London Pride was not all niceness.  Some very bad things happened too.  To read about it, visit Jacq’s site in Part Two.

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