From the Co-founder of Bis of Colour

There are very few ways to get me to give a shit about the ‘rainbow’ list/to support lists in general.

In fact, putting Jacq Applebee on the Independent Rainbow list (no.58!!) is pretty much the only way.

I don’t like these lists, because of the individualist/celebrity focus. And also because they always have the same type of people on them.

BUT they are visible/googleable and so they are important – I just keep thinking that a young bi person of colour might be googling/wondering if they’re the only one – because that’s STILL what most UK scenes (poc or white) , media and representations will tell them at best.

More likely, they’ll be told that as part of a noxious blend of racism/biphobia/homophobia – that they should ‘get off the fence and decide’, that bisexuality doesn’t exist, that ‘all this stuff’ is a white invention, that ‘black people are more phobic than white people’, that bi poc *really* don’t exist (this from everyone) except as a fetish/disposable exoticised fantasy item (this from white lgbtq AND het people)

And that young person might google and find this which = lifechanging. I know it would have been so for me, in 1999 when I was looking. And the idea that my first exposure to bi community/activism/art would have been a black person is making my 40 year old heart soul and head explode.

So proud of Jacq, so deserved.

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