UK LGBT History Month is now over.  It was a mixed month for us at Bi’s of Colour.  Stage 3 of our history project saw us sending over 30 sets of our posters all over the country, from the Highlands of Scotland, to lush Devon.  Thanks to many kind and generous donations, the costs of postage and packing was covered.  UNISON were also incredibly generous in printing the posters for us. Jacq Applebee gave talks about bisexual history and people of colour in London, Bristol and Manchester.  

However there were some less positive things about LGBT History Month that made us disappointed: the Bisexual erasure from so called LGBT groups and organisations was even worse than usual.  Camden LGBT Forum refused to host any bisexual events, and called them “Flops.”  School’s Out, the official organisers of LGBT History Month and the LGBT Festival, refused to acknowledge the many queries they received about the lack of bisexual content during the month (until a day before the month ended).  They also never answered any queries about the lack of bisexual content and speakers.

The bi communities came out in force, as did the queer, trans and intersex people of colour communities, to support their members during February.  This was in stark contrast to the large funded organisations who say they’re LGBT, but are often only for lesbians and gays only.  For many bisexual people of colour, this type of poor behaviour is nothing new.

We still have many sets of posters available: if your library, community centre or organisation would like a set, please contact us at  If you would prefer to receive a PDF of the posters, please let us know – this may be especially useful if you live outside of the UK.

Here’s hoping the rest of the year is more positive to both people of colour, and to bisexuals too.

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