BiCon 2016 was quite a weekend.  There were great bits and truly awful bits.


Meeting new bisexual people of colour!

Taking part in sessions like tea tasting, singalong Steven Universe and Different Desires

Being able to talk about racism in kink/BDSM communities, and in the session on Working Class Bi’s, how intersections of oppression make things difficult for us. This was all done, by the way, with a white man in both sessions who didnn’t want to discuss racism at all, and who mansplained his heart out.

Really friendly staff, and beautiful grounds to enjoy


The evening entertainment on Thursday – a quiz featuring nonbinary erasure (is it a bird or a bloke), and the truly awful intro to the cabaret, with the compère making jokes about Paedophiles, which made my skin crawl & several people break down and cry.  The compère was one of the organisers…

Finding out an unemployed bi person of colour had NO FOOD the entire weekend, because they couldn’t afford it – they had to depend on new friends giving them something to eat. 


I am saddened that the volunteer organisers don’t seem to learn from the mistakes of previous years. BiCon has a great Code of Conduct, but if this isn’t enforced, then it’s kind of useless.  Volunteers put so much energy and time into making this event happen, so why put off a sizeable chunk of people by being bigoted and hateful?  I have to question my decision to go to BiCon every single year.  Will there be racism?  Will I be treated badly?  Will I have a good time?  BiCon is the biggest UK event for bisexuals/pansexuals.  But if it wants to survive, it needs to ensure that all attendees are treated with respect, so they keep on coming back.  We all deserve this.

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