Bi’s of Colour book, edited by Asha, Jacq and Nila

Are you a bisexual/pansexual/fluid person of colour?
Do you live, work or study anywhere in Europe?

If you answered YES, then read on!

We are making plans to write a book about the lives and experiences of bisexuals of colour in Europe.  This is part of our long-term plan to have a document that reflects us.  It will be built on the foundations of the Bi’s of Colour History Report.  We plan to have the following chapter headings, but this is just a guide.

  • Creativity and the Arts
  • Visibility and Erasure of Bi’s of Colour – where we are welcome, and where we aren’t
  • White Academics versus Activists of Colour
  • Dominant culture gaze – hypersexual, fetishes, imperialism and colonialism
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Isolation, exclusion and loneliness 
  • Health – Sexual health, Mental health, Disabilities
  • Bi’s of Colour and BAME organisations
  • Bi’s of Colour and LGBT organisations
  • Families, Carers, Acceptance and Rejection
  • Racism
  • Religion, belief and spirituality or lack of
  • Body image and fashion
  • Class
  • Ageing
  • Violence

We are open to other headings, so if you think of something you can’t wait to express, let us know.  We are also interested in non-fiction, art, photography or things we haven’t thought of yet!  You can always contribute using a pen name if you want to be anonymous.

All contributors will be paid – we’ll be crowdfunding, so everyone will get an equal share – the amount will depend on how much we raise and how many contributors

If you are interested in contributing, email us at .

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