LGBT History Month 2017

Some good things happening this month:

Purple Prose reading at Swiss Cottage Library in London on 8th February: http://www.camden.gov.uk/ccm/navigation/leisure/libraries-and-online-learning-centres/swiss-cottage-library/ 

In Manchester, the LGBT Foundation will be hosting a Bisexual series: http://lgbt.foundation/get-support/bisexual/

And there are lots of local bisexual events across the UK: http://bicommunitynews.co.uk/category/events-listings/


Ther is also a lot of bisexual erasure this month, as happens during most LGBT History Months.  There are very few bisexual – specific events run by “LGBT” organisations, for whom the B is very much silent.


Due to illness, there won’t be a Bi’s of Colour Meetup, but we are still here!  Check out our Twitter feed @Bisofcolour 

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