You can tell everybody, this is our song…

Call out for BAME LGBTQ+ couples who want to be interviewed (PAID)

Hey YOU! Do you and your partner have a ‘song’? 
You know, the one that makes you both dance around in the kitchen like idiots or the one you put on when you’re in their bad books to make    them smile at you again?
We’re making a short video celebrating 50 years of Pride for a big-name online streaming service and we’d love to hear your stories. If you’ve   got a spare 30 mins bring your partner along to *** and we’ll chat to you about it on film.
We’ll pay you for your time – if you’re both game and available, just email us on telling us what your song is and    why. We’ll then send you a few more details. 
We want to keep the video ethnically diverse so it represents the LGBTQ+ community as accurately as possible. If you know anyone from the BAME LGBTQ+ community who’d be up for this then please let us know. We’re happy to pay each couple £100 for their time.

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