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We at Bi’s of Colour are the only group of its kind in the world (please let me know if there are others!).  We have been going since 2010, and were formed to support those in bisexual+ community who are Black and People of Colour.  There is a MASSIVE racism problem in the UK queer communities, and the Bisexual communities are no exception.  Bisexuals of Colour face racism, Islamaphobia, and classism within the Bi+ community.  We also face all of the above, plus biphobia from LGBT+ communities, charities, and individuals.  Straight spaces are no better either, with queer phobia, sexual violence & hypersexualisation of bi+ people of colour.  To put it bluntly, we face a lot of hate and violence.

Donating  to Bi’s of Colour means we can have a presence at Pride events across the U.K.  We can give our much-needed voices to government studies and research.  We can provide resources and practical support to bisexuals who face multiple marginalisations.  Rejection, Alienation, Isolation and the trauma living in a Black bisexual body takes its toll on our mental and physical health.  Donate now, and help us to help others who need it.

Donate now! 

1 thought on “Donate to Bi’s of Colour!

  1. I hope Stonwall’s call out will gather some donations towards your cause. As a white bi man I cheer you onward and will read more and help/support more too.


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