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Mythbusters for Bi’s of Colour #4

Black bisexuals spread sexually transmitted diseases. 

Also known as: AIDS is all your fault.

Most likely to come from: White and black straight people. Sadly, also from black and white lesbians

Unsafe sexual practices and intravenous drug use are the most common ways to spread sexually transmitted diseases.  Bi’s of colour are no more likely to contract or pass on a sexually transmitted disease than any other sexually active person.  Safer sex and regular health checks benefit us all.  Stigma and shame for our sexual orientation doesn’t help anyone; in fact, it can make someone less likely to look after themselves.

A Bisexual of Colour has topped the UK’s Pinklist!

from the Independent on Sunday: “Nicola Adams punched her way into the history books this year, becoming the first woman ever to win an Olympic medal in boxing.”

Nicola went up against LGBT names such as the singer, Jessie J, activis,t Peter Tatchell and Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy.  We bisexuals of colour are overjoyed that this great feat has been achieved by Nicola Adams.  We are all incredibly proud!

Mythbusters for Bi’s of Colour #2

You’re copying white people. 

Also known as: You’re a sell-out

Most likely to come from: Black straight people.

This myth is damaging and hurtful.  Black and minority ethnic bisexuals often face isolation and exclusion from our ethnic communities, from lesbian, gay, transgender communities, and from white bisexuals.  Racism, and biphobia affect our daily lives.  It can be difficult to find a place where we feel we belong.  Bisexuality, like all other sexual orientations is not something just for white people.  Bi’s of colour are proud of our heritage.  We are not selling out of our lives.

Mythbusters for Bi’s of Colour #1




Black and Minority Ethnic bisexuals do not exist. 

Also known as: all bisexuals are liars.

Most likely to come from: Everyone, everywhere.

Bisexuals are one of the few groups in existence who are regularly asked to prove that they are real.  Black and minority ethnic people are often expected to hate anyone who is not heterosexual, so when we say we are bisexual, we are faced with shock, disbelief, and treated as if our lives are a joke.  Bi’s of colour exist, period.  Some of us are visibly out; some of us are not.  Believe us when we say we are bisexual and proud.

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UPDATED Bi’s Of Colour for Bi Visibility Day

Bi’s of Colour are celebrating Bisexual Visibility Day, which is held annually on 23rd September, by having a special event.  We will be hosting a Naughty Stories fundraiser evening.  Internationally published author of erotic fiction, Jacqueline Applebee will read some of her hottest stories that feature bisexuals who are black or minority ethnic.

*Where*: Meeting rooms of Kairos 9 Archer Street, London W1D 7AX (Not their main office!)
Nearest underground: Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square.
Nearest train station: Charring Cross
*When*: Wednesday 26th September, 19.00
*Cost*: £10 waged, £5 unwaged/student
*Can I come?*: This event is open to everyone regardless of sexual orientation, race or ethnicity.  Over 18’s due to nature of stories being read.
*Will there be cake?* Do you even have to ask?
The Kairos Meeting Rooms have reasonable accessibility.  There is one step to enter the building.  The room is on the ground floor. 

To find out more about the group, have a look at our blog on Tumblr and updates on Twitter (@bisofcolour)

If you have any questions, or would like to get involved, please contact us
on this email (bis.of.colour@gmail.com)

Bis Of Colour Launch, central London, 21st July

We’ll be launching our project with an event at Kairos in Soho on Saturday 21st July.

More details including timings to follow.

There will be a Bis of Colour-only space for mutual support followed by an open session/presentation on the specific issues faced by Bi people of colour, and a mixed social to finish up the night.

check the Kairos website for directions/accessbility info.


Want to meet us/other Bis of Colour? UK events

BiCon, Bradford, 11th August

We’ll both be at the Bis of Colour session at BiCon, the UK National Bisexual convention in Bradford. Bicon is running from 9th to 13th August, the Bis of Colour session is mostly likely to take place on the 11th August and day passes can be bought on the day.

More about BiCon here: http://bicon2012.org.uk/

UK Black Pride, Ministry of Sound, 103 Gaunt Street, London, SE1 6DP, 18th August

We’ll have a community stall with information about the group, about being BME/people of colour and being bi, please come and say hello

More about UK Black Pride here: http://www.ukblackpride.org.uk/

Welcome to the Bi’s of Colour Tumblr

The Tumblr space for the UK Bi’s of Colour group.

Bi’s of Colour:


Bi(sexual), not straight or gay, queer, pansexual, bicurious, unsure people all welcome

Attracted to more than one gender? Attracted to men and women? Welcome.

We aren’t interested in whether you are ‘gay enough’ or ‘queer enough’ or ‘too straight’ or how many relationships you’ve had/who with.

Of Colour:
Those who are descended (through one or both parents) from anywhere in Africa, Asia and Latin America, the original inhabitants of Australasia, North America, and the islands of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans.

We explicitly welcome and invite mixed race people.

We’re not interested in whether you are ‘black enough’, lots of us aren’t.

We welcome anyone who defines/sees themself anywhere in *both* of these groups.

This is the tumblr/one of the online spaces for the new UK Bis of Colour group. Questions and queries in comments or to bis.of.colour@gmail.com