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Great things for Bi Visibility Week!

It is #bivisibilty week this week! Things have been happening all over the world to celebrate it. There have also been a slew of articles appearing this week on bisexuality, many of which feature bisexuals of colour.

I’ve picked put some the faves..

Bi visibility site http://www.239.bicommunitynews.co.uk/year2014/

Bisexuals in academia

Understanding issues facing bi Americans http://www.lgbtmap.org/understanding-issues-facing-bisexual-Americans

The book, Recognize: Voices of Bi Men was released on BiVisibilty day! http://biresource.net/recognize_bimensbook.shtml

A new film called Bi-ography, from Bi Us TV were good enough to share their teaser trailer http://youtu.be/z9-SHYoCaSM

A chance to share your experiences with the Bi Story Project http://www.bistoryproject.org/submit-your-video.html

It’s time to stop mocking bisexuals! http://www.starobserver.com.au/opinion/soapbox-opinion/its-time-to-stop-mocking-bisexuals-and-end-biphobia/128193