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Donate to Bi’s of Colour!


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We at Bi’s of Colour are the only group of its kind in the world (please let me know if there are others!).  We have been going since 2010, and were formed to support those in bisexual+ community who are Black and People of Colour.  There is a MASSIVE racism problem in the UK queer communities, and the Bisexual communities are no exception.  Bisexuals of Colour face racism, Islamaphobia, and classism within the Bi+ community.  We also face all of the above, plus biphobia from LGBT+ communities, charities, and individuals.  Straight spaces are no better either, with queer phobia, sexual violence & hypersexualisation of bi+ people of colour.  To put it bluntly, we face a lot of hate and violence.

Donating  to Bi’s of Colour means we can have a presence at Pride events across the U.K.  We can give our much-needed voices to government studies and research.  We can provide resources and practical support to bisexuals who face multiple marginalisations.  Rejection, Alienation, Isolation and the trauma living in a Black bisexual body takes its toll on our mental and physical health.  Donate now, and help us to help others who need it.

Donate now! 

You can tell everybody, this is our song…

Call out for BAME LGBTQ+ couples who want to be interviewed (PAID)

Hey YOU! Do you and your partner have a ‘song’? 
You know, the one that makes you both dance around in the kitchen like idiots or the one you put on when you’re in their bad books to make    them smile at you again?
We’re making a short video celebrating 50 years of Pride for a big-name online streaming service and we’d love to hear your stories. If you’ve   got a spare 30 mins bring your partner along to *** and we’ll chat to you about it on film.
We’ll pay you for your time – if you’re both game and available, just email us on telling us what your song is and    why. We’ll then send you a few more details. 
We want to keep the video ethnically diverse so it represents the LGBTQ+ community as accurately as possible. If you know anyone from the BAME LGBTQ+ community who’d be up for this then please let us know. We’re happy to pay each couple £100 for their time.

Reporter looking for bisexual folk to interview


Comment: Hi there,

I’m a reporter with Thomson Reuters Foundation and our LGBT+ news site Openly, covering LGBT+ issues. We’re making a film to mark the 50th anniversary since the Stonewall riots, featuring stories from around the world of the ongoing struggle for LGBT+ rights. So far we have stories from Honduras, Tanzania and Taiwan, and we’re considering adding another from the UK. We’re interested in potentially featuring a bisexual person who has a powerful personal story, whose struggles are indicative of the continued barriers for bi people in 21st century Britain but also the nuances and the positives too. If you know anyone who you think may fit that description and would consider having an initial chat with us, please do let me know.

Best wishes,


London BiFest 2019

London BiFest 2019 took place at the Kingston Quaker Centre on a sunny, cool Saturday.  The turnout was very good, with an excellent mix of ethnicities, genders and ages.  I was really glad that I didn’t know most of the Bi’s of Colour in attendance, as it showed there are much more of us than anyone would guess!


The centre was very accessible, with lots of refreshments, a lovely garden space, and gender-neutral toilets making it feel even more welcoming.


Katy, the organiser gave a short welcome speech, and then came the first session: Speed Friending.  This was much like speed dating, but nobody was expecting to meet a romantic partner!  In all seriousness, the fact that this session would be welcoming to those on the Asexual spectrum, made it a thoughtful addition.  Often non-bisexuals assume we are only ever interested in sex, so this session may seem like a small thing, but it meant a lot.  Plus I could always do with making more friends.

Katy H, organiser of London BiFest, and editor of Purple Prose

I spent some time enjoying the sunshine in the garden with my friend’s children.  I also enjoyed the spread of sandwiches that had been placed there too.

I returned inside for the second session I was interested in: Over 50’s bisexuals.  We had an interesting chat about what support we would like to see for older bisexuals.  Some talked about fears of being alone with nobody in their corner, and of having to go back in the closet when in a care home or hospital.  The staff from Opening Doors were really informative.


As well as sessions, there was a craft room, a quiet room, and lots of stalls from a variety of community organisations including Biscuit, who had a great range of badges, and Queer Muslims, who had the best sweets!  One of their volunteers told me that there was a new book about bisexuality in the Qur’an, as well as an ungendered translation of the Qur’an on their site, so I need to look that up!

London BiFest was a great place to network and meet folks from similar groups.  The organiser Katy H was also kind enough to give me a copy of the U.S version of Purple Prose, called Claiming the B in LGBT.

I had a lovely relaxing time at London BiFest.  It was a pressure-free event that made such a change to much of what’s available on the London Lesbian, Gay, Gay and Gay scene.  Just the fact that there was no alcohol present was a welcome addition for me.  Thanks so much to Katy H and all of those who made it a great event!20190413_131350