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London BiFest 2019

We’d like to invite you to London BiFest 2019, an annual event for the bisexual community and those who support it. It’s on Saturday 13 April 1-6pm at the Kingston Quaker Centre, tickets between £0-10 on the door.

There are not many bi-specific events around and BiFest fills a unique place in the community, bringing up to 130 people together for an afternoon including discussion sessions, community stalls, social space, picnics and craft sessions. The venue is wheelchair friendly, there are accessible gender-neutral toilets and disabled parking, children are welcome, and we provide a quiet room throughout. We offer free entry to all people of colour. After 6pm, the Kingston LGBT Forum will host drinks in a nearby pub.

Sessions this year are 45 minutes long and will include coming out, activism, autism and bisexuality, speed friending, mindfulness, a questions panel and a look at the London bisexual community. (We have one unconfirmed session space which we’re hoping will be for either a gender/trans session or one for older bi/LGBT people – please get in touch if you’re interested in facilitating either of those or have an alternative suggestion.)

If you would like a stall, or would like to send us flyers or a poster, please do get in touch! We don’t charge for stalls, just pay for entry as you would normally.

Please do forward this email to anyone who might like to attend. We are @LondonBiFest on Twitter and London BiFest on FaceBook.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you there!

LGBT+ People of Colour are the Canary in the coal mine.

It’s long known that when it comes to the hierarchy of the LGBT+ acronym, queer POCs are the bottom of the barrel.  This goes double for asexual, trans and/or bisexual women and femmes of colour.  In 2016, London LGBT pride let the racist hate group UKIP march as part of the parade, because UKIP has a gay group as part of a movement.

  This year London LGBT pride let a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF) group lead the parade after they pushed themselves to the very front.

Now, we are rightfully disgusted that this was allowed to happen.  The TERF group shouted transphobic slogans during the parade, which is supposed to be welcoming to Transgender people.  


London LGBT Pride showed their hand years ago in 2016, but it was quickly forgotten and mostly ignored by the majority of pride attendees because UKIP hate is mostly aimed at POCs.  Jacq A was part of the Community board for Pride London that year, and resigned when they realised what was happening.  But no other member of the board stood up for LGBT People of Colour.  And now we see another vulnerable group treated in a terrible manner with Trans folk being targeted.  It seems the warning from the canary in the coal mine went unheeded until it affected (mostly) white people.

We at Bi’s of Colour chose back in 2016 to no longer work with or take part in London LGBT Pride.  We have known for some time that London Pride is far from its roots as a protest – it’s simply a corporate party for affluent cisgender lesbians and gays.  The Armed Forces, the police and airlines that regularly deport LGBT People of Colour have more of a presence at Pride than bisexual, trans and asexual groups – the cost of participating is often a major factor in that, but the unwelcoming atmosphere doesn’t help either.

Bi’s of Colour stand with our Trans and Nonbinary folk.  We are sorry that they have been treated this way.  London Pride is not a safe place for us, and it hasn’t been for some time.  Pride is a PROTEST!

On Sunday 8th July 2018, UKBlack Pride will be happening at the pleasure gardens in Vauxhall, London.  For the first time in their history there will be TWO bisexual stalls!  Both Bi’s of Colour and BiPride UK will have stalls present.  Please come visit us both and pick up some badges, info sheets and bright, bisexual smiles.  To top off your day, go to CaBiRet for some bisexual entertainment!