UK Black Pride happened on 8th July 2018.

I was welcomed by Phyll Opoku, the founder of this event, on what was to be an incredibly hot and sunny day.  The event was a lot more spread out this year; the Bi’s of Colour stall was in a far corner of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, but that didn’t stop lots of people from coming to our stall for free badges, magazines and sweeties!  We were even interviewed by a reporter from the Voice black newspaper!  One heartwarming situation happened when a very young person came to the stall and told us that they weren’t bi, but their cousin came out as bisexual a week ago – the youngster was collecting badges and information for them!

We had 3 biphobic incidents on the stall, and 1 transphobic incident – all from white people.  This is bad, but it’s no joke when I say it’s still an improvement from other Pride events in the past when we would get a lot more aggression from Lesbians and Gays from all ethnicities.  However the positive responses far outweighed the bad, and for that I am grateful.  Bisexuals of Colour often get racist biphobia from all corners of the population, both straight and LGBT.  That’s not to say that straight, lesbian and gay POC are all innocent when it comes to biphobia – they are sadly perpetrators of bi-hate too.  But on this day at black pride, we had none of that.

Lastly, all the members of Bi’s of Colour who helped out on the stall were amazing!  They were all knowledgeable, patient and really good at talking to people who had questions about bisexuality.  In the heat of the very long day, they made things a lot more bearable for all of us, with supplies of ice, drinks, cooling spray and sunblock.  I was so proud of all of them.

For more pics from UK Black Pride, pop over to

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