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Racism in intimate relationships certificate

2A7836BA-8D1F-4608-83E2-061634649A93Text reads: This is to certify you finally realised that you can’t fuck your way out of racism.

“But I can’t be racist, I have a black lover!”
“I’m not racist, I adore black & brown bodies – they’re so exotic!”
“I’m not racist, I had kids with a black man!”

Racism within intimate relationships can definitely happen. Examples include fetishising people of colour, only doing sex acts with them that you would never do with a white person, or leaving all your positivity in the bedroom. Many bigots, fascists and white supremacy folk seem quite happy to be with people of colour for sex, solely because we are often seen as ‘forbidden’ or ‘animal-like’ if we’re black. If we’re Asian, we’re seen as submissive and docile. White folks can make a start by unlearning all they’ve been told about people of colour, by supporting us, reading anti-racist blogs & books, and by not getting threatened and defensive when POC talk about their experiences. Ditch the #notallwhitepeople , listen and learn if you truly want to change for the better.