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My invitation to meet the Prime Minister

I was invited to attend the LGBT reception with the UK Prime Minister, representing Bi’s of Colour.

It’s a short story: I chose not to go.

*Sisters Uncut http://www.sistersuncut.org battle daily to support women and girls who are victims/survivors of domestic violence.  The government has cut 32 women’s refuges. (I’m a survivor of domestic violence)

*Broken Rainbow, the only UK charity to support LGBT victims of domestic violence, have to constantly strive to secure funding from the government. (I’m a bisexual survivor of domestic violence – Broken Rainbow were invaluable to me)

*I am a former runaway and homeless person.  (I have been fortunate enough to have been housed,) but the number of homeless people in the UK has risen by huge amounts under the Conservative government.

*Disabled people have had their mobility aids, Carer rooms and independence payments taken away. (I am disabled, with a long-term chronic illness, and various mental health conditions)

*This event is probably being organised by the same person who let the hate group, UKIP, march at London Pride. (I used to be on the community advisory board of London Pride, until they screwed me over)

*Several members of Bi’s of Colour were very worried about how I would be treated if I attended the LGBT reception.

I would like to think I could influence the Prime Minister; tell him to not be such a shitty person, but I doubt I’d even be allowed to get close.  There will be other bisexual activists at the reception.  There will be other People of Colour there too, but there probably won’t be any bisexual people of colour present.  I have mixed feelings about that, but my strong feelings are all about how badly the government has treated people just like me.  I have limited energy, and am at risk of burning out, so I’m quite happy to give this event a miss, and use my spoons to support people like me instead.