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It is with regret that the Bi’s of Colour Book will no longer be happening.  Despite extending the submission date, and opening the call out to the whole Bi of Colour world, we didn’t get enough contributions (Those who had already submitted their work have been paid).

We will share the submissions we did receive either in the form of blog posts, or in another medium.  Bi’s of Colour are still going strong – we are & always will share the stories and experiences of bi/pan folk of colour; whether online or off.


Bi’s of Colour Collective

Mythbusters for Bi’s of Colour #8

There were never any bi’s of colour in the past. 

Also known as: This is just the latest trend.

Most likely to come from: Black lesbian, gay and trans* people.

The history of people of colour has been ignored and erased for hundreds of years.  The word, bisexual, like homosexual and heterosexual, are relatively recent additions to our language.  However bisexual behaviour has been going on throughout time.  From the Babylonian writings in Gilgamesh, to the poems and life of Langston Hughes in the Harlem Renaissance, bisexuals of colour have always existed.