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Mythbusters for Bi’s of Colour #6

We blacks have to stick together. 

Also known as: What will the neighbours think?

Most likely to come from: Black straight, lesbian, gay and trans people.

Black and minority ethnic people are not a monolith; trying to force that view stifles all of us.  Diversity only adds to the strength of a community.  It is a good thing to support people who make up our groups.  Bi’s of colour are not divisive or confused.  We want to celebrate who we are.

Mythbusters for Bi’s of Colour #5

Isn’t it against your religion? 

Also known as: I don’t want to be here when your god decides to smite your ass.

Most likely to come from: Black and white straight people, regardless of their faith.

Religion and Faith can be a positive part of our lives.  There are bisexuals of colour who are Muslim, Christian, Pagan and more.  There are also bisexuals of colour who do not practice any religion at all.  It is a false assumption to expect all people of colour to follow a faith, and for that faith to condemn anything other than heterosexuality.

Mythbusters for Bi’s of Colour #4

Black bisexuals spread sexually transmitted diseases. 

Also known as: AIDS is all your fault.

Most likely to come from: White and black straight people. Sadly, also from black and white lesbians

Unsafe sexual practices and intravenous drug use are the most common ways to spread sexually transmitted diseases.  Bi’s of colour are no more likely to contract or pass on a sexually transmitted disease than any other sexually active person.  Safer sex and regular health checks benefit us all.  Stigma and shame for our sexual orientation doesn’t help anyone; in fact, it can make someone less likely to look after themselves.

A Bisexual of Colour has topped the UK’s Pinklist!

from the Independent on Sunday: “Nicola Adams punched her way into the history books this year, becoming the first woman ever to win an Olympic medal in boxing.”

Nicola went up against LGBT names such as the singer, Jessie J, activis,t Peter Tatchell and Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy.  We bisexuals of colour are overjoyed that this great feat has been achieved by Nicola Adams.  We are all incredibly proud!

Mythbusters for Bi’s of Colour #3

Blacks are exotic, so I guess it’s natural you’d be bisexual. 

Also known as: Let’s get back to our roots. Naked!

Most likely to come from: White people of all sexual orientations.

There’s a common myth that people of colour (especially women) are exotic novelties.  We are often fetishized by white people.  This is also the case in white lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.  We are seen as sexual objects for the pleasure of white people only.  Bi’s of colour aren’t solely interested in sex.  There are celibate bisexuals of colour, and those who are part of the asexual spectrum.  Regardless of our sexual activity, it is up to us how we chose to explore it.  It is insulting to assume our orientation is connected to the colour of our skin.

Mythbusters for Bi’s of Colour #2

You’re copying white people. 

Also known as: You’re a sell-out

Most likely to come from: Black straight people.

This myth is damaging and hurtful.  Black and minority ethnic bisexuals often face isolation and exclusion from our ethnic communities, from lesbian, gay, transgender communities, and from white bisexuals.  Racism, and biphobia affect our daily lives.  It can be difficult to find a place where we feel we belong.  Bisexuality, like all other sexual orientations is not something just for white people.  Bi’s of colour are proud of our heritage.  We are not selling out of our lives.

Mythbusters for Bi’s of Colour #1




Black and Minority Ethnic bisexuals do not exist. 

Also known as: all bisexuals are liars.

Most likely to come from: Everyone, everywhere.

Bisexuals are one of the few groups in existence who are regularly asked to prove that they are real.  Black and minority ethnic people are often expected to hate anyone who is not heterosexual, so when we say we are bisexual, we are faced with shock, disbelief, and treated as if our lives are a joke.  Bi’s of colour exist, period.  Some of us are visibly out; some of us are not.  Believe us when we say we are bisexual and proud.

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