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Black Pride 2019 Pics

Sorry for this being posted so late!

If you were to look at most photos from any Pride celebration, you’d think there were zero bisexual people in attendance.  Biphobia from lesbians, gays and straights often mean they’ll snap pics constantly, but suddenly put their cameras down when they see a bisexual group or stall.  See for yourself by doing an internet search of your local Pride parade – see if you can spot any bisexuals at all!

Well Bi’s of Colour were at Black Pride this year, and we had a great time. We had many bisexuals and pansexuals come by the stall and make the most of our resources.  We had lots of fun chats too, and most surprisingly, we only had 2 biphobic WANKERS make nasty comments. That’s the lowest number yet, but it shouldn’t happen at all.  So please enjoy these pics which Jacq took of the event.  And call out biphobia whenever you see it!


On Sunday 8th July 2018, UKBlack Pride https://www.ukblackpride.org.uk will be happening at the pleasure gardens in Vauxhall, London.  For the first time in their history there will be TWO bisexual stalls!  Both Bi’s of Colour  http://bisofcolour.tumblr.com and BiPride UK https://biprideuk.org will have stalls present.  Please come visit us both and pick up some badges, info sheets and bright, bisexual smiles.  To top off your day, go to CaBiRet https://www.facebook.com/events/1758324607521315/ for some bisexual entertainment!

– 7th European Transgender Council – Register now

This looks like a great opportunity for European Trans folk of Colour – there will be a day of empowerment just for us before the main event happens.  The conference is also offering full funding for those who need it, and are specifically encouraging of Trans POCs too.

Trans communities (like all LGBT+ communities) are an absolute blizzard, so please contact them and increase the volume of voices from Trans People of Colour!

– 7th European Transgender Council – Register now

Saturday 14th February will see the next Bi’s of Colour meet at Stratford Circus, 1:00 – 3:00. See http://bisofcolour.tumblr.com/post/105772513913/bisexuals-of-colour-will-be-meeting-up-monthly-in post for directions from Stratford station.

Come along to a friendly, free meetup where you’ll be welcomed for who you are. The venue has level access, disabled toilets, and reasonably priced food and drink.  

Mythbusters for Bi’s of Colour #5

Isn’t it against your religion? 

Also known as: I don’t want to be here when your god decides to smite your ass.

Most likely to come from: Black and white straight people, regardless of their faith.

Religion and Faith can be a positive part of our lives.  There are bisexuals of colour who are Muslim, Christian, Pagan and more.  There are also bisexuals of colour who do not practice any religion at all.  It is a false assumption to expect all people of colour to follow a faith, and for that faith to condemn anything other than heterosexuality.

Mythbusters for Bi’s of Colour #3

Blacks are exotic, so I guess it’s natural you’d be bisexual. 

Also known as: Let’s get back to our roots. Naked!

Most likely to come from: White people of all sexual orientations.

There’s a common myth that people of colour (especially women) are exotic novelties.  We are often fetishized by white people.  This is also the case in white lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.  We are seen as sexual objects for the pleasure of white people only.  Bi’s of colour aren’t solely interested in sex.  There are celibate bisexuals of colour, and those who are part of the asexual spectrum.  Regardless of our sexual activity, it is up to us how we chose to explore it.  It is insulting to assume our orientation is connected to the colour of our skin.

Mythbusters for Bi’s of Colour #2

You’re copying white people. 

Also known as: You’re a sell-out

Most likely to come from: Black straight people.

This myth is damaging and hurtful.  Black and minority ethnic bisexuals often face isolation and exclusion from our ethnic communities, from lesbian, gay, transgender communities, and from white bisexuals.  Racism, and biphobia affect our daily lives.  It can be difficult to find a place where we feel we belong.  Bisexuality, like all other sexual orientations is not something just for white people.  Bi’s of colour are proud of our heritage.  We are not selling out of our lives.