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London BiFest is back!!!


It’s happening on Saturday 8th April 2017.  And good news for al Bisexual People of Colour – WE GET IN FOR FREE!

London Bi Fest is sometimes called a mini BiCon, but it’s a great even just as it is.  There will be workshops, music and fun.  The location has good accessiblility – look at the website for a breakdown of that.

Sessions have already gone up.  There will be a Bi’s of Colour session, where we’ll be giving progress on the upcoming book, plus catching up with all you lovely folks!

So please come along to London BiFest.  If you think you may difficulty of any kind getting to, or attending this event, please contact Bis of Colour at bis.of.colour.gmail.com and we’ll try to help.

Edited to add: Event now going on until 7pm!

Bi Visibility Day 2016

Bi’s of Colour will be meeting up in the cafe of the Unicorn Theatre https://www.unicorntheatre.com/find-us near London Bridge on Monday 26th of September, to celebrate (a late) Bisexual Visibility Day!  We will meet from 3pm – 7pm.  Please come along to have a chat in a relaxed safe space.  We will be discussing our exciting plans for a Bi’s of Colour book!

Email us at Bis.of.colour@gmail.com if you want more details or if you have any questions.

For more information on Bi Visibility Day, check out http://www.bivisibilityday.com/year2016/ 

Bis of Colour will be seeing some new changes: we will no longer be meeting up on a monthly basis.  The next Bi’s of Colour meetup will be in February 2016 for the UK  LGBT+ History Month.  We hope to meet up at the South Bank Centre’s Festival Hall, which has good accessibility and is centrally located.  We also hope that the Bi’s of Colour poster exhibition will be ready by then, so stay tuned!

The pic above are a few of the editors of Purple Prose.

Purple Prose is a UK guide to bisexuality.  That in itself is pretty unique, as it often feels like any literature on bisexuality in the UK is at least 20 years old.  Another unique thing is that People of Colour in the UK have not been ignored!  Jacq Applebee edited a large chapter on the experiences of bisexual people of colour.  Five talented writers of colour tell of their experiences of being an invisible minority within a minority.  Other topics include faith and ethnicity, how research often lets us down, how dress codes make it difficult for people of colour to fit in spaces, and how unwelcoming and outright racist the UK bisexual communities can be.  There is also a list of resources for bisexual people of colour in the UK.

Purple Prose also contains chapters on Disability, Non-Monogamy, Gender, Faith and Religion, Ageing, Bi Myths and Legends, and Fictional bisexuals!

There is currently a crowdfunder for Purple Prose: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/purple-prose-bisexuality-in-britain#/  Please support it, as this book is desperately needed.  There is sadly very little for people coming out as bisexual.  Biphobia in lesbian and gay communities mean the spaces we thought would welcome us, turn out just as bad as the straight communities many of us have fled.  Just the fact that none of the lesbian and gay publishers in the UK wanted to be involved with this book, speaks volumes (no pun intended).  So support your local bisexuals, and start supporting Purple Prose!

Purple Prose will be published by Thorntree Press